Aqua Swivel Seat Logo

T&D Aquaswivel LLC.

The folks at T&D Aquaswivel are hoping to revolutionize aquatic therapy and make at home care easier through their Aqua Swivel Seat™. After a tragic accident and painful rehabilitation, company owner Donna and her husband Tom invented their product to ease and accelerate Donna’s healing process. After seeing its potential, the pair launched T&D Aquaswivel with the purpose of impacting more lives and helping others.

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Envi Girl Logo

Envikids LLC.

Envikids is a minority owned business started out of Harrisburg, PA with a focus on educating and uplifting young children. Their flagship product, the Hip Hop Envi Girl™ doll uses Bluetooth technology to play customizable music for young children.

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Double Disc Pro Logo

ACPDesigns LLC.

ACPDesigns is a veteran owned business with a fun new product in their Double Disc, a unique take on the classic flying disc toy. Uses for recreational fun, physical training, and therapy abound with this exciting product driven by its equally energetic owner.

See Me Clear Logo

See Me Clear™

The importance of communication has been highlighted by the recent pandemic. Global mask mandates have changed the way people go about their day, and many have struggled to understand those around them. See Me Clear™ is changing that with their clear face mask product.

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OME Gear Logo

OME Gear®

Lugging all the essentials to the beach or campsite can be a pain. OME Gear is changing that with their Wanderr 5 in 1 portable beach chair. This durable chair is designed to tackle any terrain.

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Holt PPE Supplies Logo

Holt PPE Supplies

Holt PPE Supplies and founder Patricia Holt strive to bring useful medical products to those who need them most. Her 40-year career in nursing has given her a unique perspective that allows her to balance sterile technique and the human touch.

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Houses of Hope Logo

Houses of Hope Inc.

Houses of Hope looks to fill an important gap in the foster care system. Specializing in young adults between 18-24, Houses of Hope seeks to guide these new adults who do not have a true family to call their own and rely on.

Pet True Logo

Pet True LLC.

Pet True is a small local business that seeks to come up with new products to tackle every day pet problems. Their Peek-A-Boo Pet Latch is designed to keep the family dog out of the litterbox, a common struggle between owners and their beloved pooch.

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